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Code of practice – Refurbishment of flood-damaged timber frame constructions hw.JPG

In recent decades frequent floods have caused not only unimaginable human catastrophe for the population, but also building material damage caused by flooding and increased surface water. In the affected areas many buildings (including timber frame constructions) were damaged. While the basic structures usually remains intact, individual building components, facilities and stored objects are devastated or even largely destroyed by the invading mud and water.

In that case the water within the timber frame construction have to be removed fast. The experience of recent years has shown that draining and refurbishment is possible very quickly. At the same time, the building can become habitable again. Therefore a few important aspects have to be taken into account.

This helpful code of practise can facilitat the refurbishment of timber frame constructions and prefabricated houses (maximum two floors); it however cannot act as a substitute for a knowledgeable designer and the technical expertise of an experienced builder. For larger buildings (such as multi-story timber frame construction), an expert and structural engineer must always be consulted.