This timber construction catalogue has been compiled drawing on construction experience, research and development of new system-oriented construction methods. The construction details given in this catalogue are to serve as a starting point for conceptual, initial as well as detailed design and execution. Circumstances, conditions and limitations specific to each project have to be taken into consideration in the final design solutions chosen. The catalogue can serve as practical basis in the first stages of a construction project using timber components; it however cannot act as a substitute for a knowledgeable designer and the technical expertise of an experienced builder. It is necessary that the suitability of a detail under consideration is verified by a qualified expert. Where the details provided are used in the design or construction process no liability is accepted.

For the practical implementation, the following points have to be considered and strictly adhered to:

Structural design

The designs of building components and fasteners at the heart of this catalogue of construction details are to be understood as schematic depictions which do not apply to or represent a specific building.

Each detailed design will have to be adapted based on the structural design and the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

Verification of performance parameters (thermal, acoustic and fire)

The construction details presented in the database were developed with the aim to satisfy the current technical regulations in Austria. However, these requirements can vary depending on the circumstances of indivdiual projects. Specific solutions have to be evaluated taking into account circumstances, conditions and limitations specific to the project. All details have to be reviewed and adapted to the specific project.

Fire performance

The requirements and demands with regard to the detailing depend on the master plan for the building to be designed (concept for escape routes, location, dimensioning based on structural design).