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LVL is used as panel- or beam product. It consists of peeled spruce or pine veneers up to 6 mm thick. These wood veneers are bonded with their individual ends offset and with fibres oriented primarily in the same direction. LVL is manufactured in a continuous process, using a phenolic resin. LVL contains veneers with fibres aligned primarily in the major axis, sometimes veneers also align with the minor axis. LVL can be used as bracing element in load-bearing floors and ceilings. LVL containing veneers with fibres aligned exclusively in the major axis is used in load-bearing structures, trusses, beams and rafters. LVL can be used in the same applications as glued laminated timber. LVL is suited for pressure treatments and thus can be designed for special applications, such as in areas with high risk to biological attack (e.g. by fungi or insects) or where special climatic conditions prevail.

Details of sustainability rating (m3)

Laminated veneer lumber 500 kg/m³


Manufacturer according to EN 14374

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