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Strength graded structural timber is sawn timber (without finger joints) which is produced for loadbearing applications by cutting or profiling of round wood in saw mills. For construction purposes solid timber has to be classified according to its strength by visual or machine grading according to EN 14081-1. In Austria and Germany visual grading continues to take place according to ÖNORM DIN 4074-1. Different strength classes apply. Sawn timber can be refined further by subjecting it to additional processing steps, e.g. kiln drying, planing, chamfering and additional profiling. The natural durability (against biological attack) of structural solid timber depends on the wood species used. The durability can be enhanced by treatments with preventative biocides. The requirements of standard EN 15228 have to be followed. In addition to the requirements of the standards, further quality criteria are specified by the communities "MH®-Massivholz Austria" and KVH®.

Details of sustainability rating (m3)

Sawn wood, spruce


According to EN 14081-1

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