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Particleboards are products manufactured from wood particles or particles from lignocellulosic raw materials using a binder. Additives such as wax emulsion for increased water resistance or wood preservatives may also be added. Particleboards usually contain several layers of materials or are pressed with gradual transition between layers. The relatively small particles are not aligned in a particular way, but are generally oriented parallel in the plane of the board. The boards are generally manufactured in continuous presses at high temperatures.

Details of sustainability rating (m3)

Particleboard P4

Particleboard P5


According to EN 312 (Particleboard P4) and EN 13986

According to EN 312 (Particleboard P5) and EN 13986

According to EN 312 (Particleboard P7) and EN 13986

Particleboard for a special field of application

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