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Multi-layer parquet msp.tiff

Multi-layer parquet elements according to EN 13489 are elements consisting of a wear layer of solid wood with a thickness of at least 2,5 mm and one or several support layers of wood or wood composites, which are glued with one another. Predominantly 2-layer parquets (wear layer and support layer) and 3-layer parquets (3-layered setup) are manufactured. 2-layer parquets have thicknesses of 9 to 22 mm, 3-layer parquets mostly thicknesses of 10 to 22 mm. Rectangular and square element shapes are manufactured. According to the national preface of EN 13489, in Austria the rectangular elements do have widths between 100 and 240 mm and lengths between 1200 and 2400 mm. Larger formats are mostly offered as 3-layer setups. Square elements have widths or lengths of 240 to 800 mm. For the wear layer, the types of wood oak, common beech, ash, spruce and larch are predominantly used. The elements must be precisely machined and smoothed. In order to guarantee proper laying, grooves and/or tongues at all sides are necessary. Multi-layer parquet elements comprise prefabricated and panel parquet as well as parquet boards. They all are getting a surface treatment while finished at the factory. Sorting is undertaken into the three appearance classes ⚪, △ and ◻. Depending on the manufacturer further free sortings (classes) are also possible, they have to correspond to the principles of Appendix B of the standard EN 13489. The fire behaviour of the parquet is classified according to the classification report of the manufacturer or according to EN 13501-1 (Cfl-s1, Dfl-s1, Efl – according to product details and end-use condition). The CE-certification of wood flooring and parquet has been compulsory according to EN 14342 since 01.03.2010.

Details of sustainability rating (m3)

Multi-layer parquet
wear layer: hardwood, support layer: softwood

[kg CO2 Äqv.]
[kg SO2 Äqv.]
[kg PO4 Äqv.]
[kg R11 Äqv.]
[kg Ethen Äqv.]
A1-A3 257,546 4,163 1,600 7,33e-5 0,202 5360,493 12802,000 18162,493 12723,644 12723,644

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