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solid wood construction
Cross-section of standard configuration
solid wood construction
Standard configuration

Register of building materials used for this application, cross-section (from top to bottom)

Thickness [mm] Building material Thermal performance Reaction to fire­klasse EN
λ μ min – max ρ c
A 25,0 dry screed 0,210 8 900 1,050 A1
B - variable insulation material
C 60,0 elastic bonded fill (m' aprrox. 90 kg/m²) elastic bonded, m' = 90 kg/m² 0,700 1 1500 1,000 A1
D 0,2 trickling protection E
E 140,0 cross laminated timber 0,130 50 500 1,600 D

Variations of building components

Thickness of layer Fire performance Thermal performance Acoustic performance Eco Sustainability Mass
Thickness [mm] Building material Σ REI U [W/(m²K)] Diffusion Ln,w(Cl) [dB] Rw (C,Ctr) [dB] ΔOI3 m [kg/m²]
gdmtxn01-00 B 30,0 impact sound absorbing subflooring MW-T [s' = 40MN/m³] 60 adequate 50 (-1) 62 (-5,-13) 41,38 202,5

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