There is no way for advertising on In order for a company to become listed among the high quality suppliers the required evidence (e.g. test reports, certificates, approvals or inspection reports) issued by a recognized testing institute have to be submitted. Once compliance with the respective product standards is assured, the material can be added to the existing list of building materials. A link is added which directs users to the website of the company or product. As a result of the listing on, the manufacturer is regarded as a proven high quality supplier. Frequent maintenance and continuous updating ensures a high quality level of information. Therefore the relevant evidence and support data has to be submitted every six months or at least once per year. Companies are required to pay a fee for incorporation into the database to support the quality assurance of the information presented and its maintenance. An overview of the annual fees is given below.

The listing of a new category of building materials can be completed upon a companys request. However, this requires a standard compulsory or voluntary evidence by the company. The documents have to be submitted before this can be included. The fee for the listing of a new group of building materials is determined on a case-by-case basis and will be negotiated with the respective groups of building materials or the manufacturer directly.

Datasheets for company-specific (proprietary) structural timber components also offers the possibility to include proprietary structural timber components in the section "Components". Evidence of compliance has to be submitted for review before. Data and parameters on thermal, acoustic, fire and ecological performance levels have to be substantiated appropriately. If these requirements are met, the datasheet with depicting and describing of the component is incorporated into The representation of component variants, such as insulation thicknesses can significantly expand the application possibilities.

For company-specific (proprietary) structural timber components the respective manufacturer is given as the supplier and a link directed to the company homepage is provided. It is important to note that manufacturers will be required up to date support information data which will be reviewed regular to maintenance. Annual fees for the listing of a company-specific structural timber component are given in the table below.

Fees for listing a company on

  First year Following year
Initial listing * 1.220,- * 610,-
Building materials 125,- 125,-
Components 320,- 125,-
Variations of components 60,- 25,-

All prices given in Euro, excl. 10% VAT.
* 50% price discount for manufacturers inspected by Holzforschung Austria