is a collection of datasheets for wood and wood-based materials, building materials, components and component connections for timber construction. All information and data presented here have been determined either by testing, calculations or means of assessment by accredited testing institutes or accepted research institutions. All tests, calculations and assessments were completed according to current codes and standards. In order to demonstrate compliance with building regulations all parameters and datasheets can be used as proof for the application of building permit or submitted to building authorities. This database is a service provided free of charge. All information presented is protected by copyright and covered by a disclaimer of warranty. Holzforschung Austria – Austrian Forest Products Research Society (HFA-ÖGH) and the Technical University of Munich will try to rectify any mistakes and errors.

The published datasheets will be subject to regular reviews by the testing institutes in order to ensure that the datasheets are up-date and void of errors. Current versions of datasheets supersede older versions.

Codes and standards, building regulations and law have to be observed. The given data does not reflect building regulations requirements, but indicates the performance characteristics of the components. Structural design has to be performed for each project. merely provides assistance in the design- and building process. Each project has to be assessed and monitored on an individual basis, including the quality of workmanship. cannot replace professional or legal support. If you need advice on a specific projector problem, you should always consult an expert. In legal cases an expert witness needs to be involved.

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