IMPORTANT: Due to the national or country-specific verification of components in Germany, these terms have to be observed when using Non-observance can lead to a violation of public law regulations (e.g. the building code)!

In addition to the General terms of use the following applies:

Responsibility for the verification

This unique comprehensive database enabled is suitable as proof of compliance for building authorities. In order to demonstrate compliance with building regulations all parameters and datasheets can be used or submitted to building authorities. This database is a service provided free of charge.

As part of the verification process in Germany, an examination of the validity and object-specific applicability of all documents (e.g. structural analysis and calculations) are required. Therefore only authorized parties are entitled.

All information presented is protected by copyright and covered by a disclaimer of warranty. Holzforschung Austria – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Holzforschung (HFA-ÖGH) and the Technical University of Munich will try to rectify any mistakes and errors. In some cases, the responsible companies are also consulted.

The published datasheets will be subject to regular reviews by the testing institutes in order to ensure that the datasheets are up-date and void of errors. Current versions of datasheets supersede older versions.

Codes and standards, building regulations and law have to be observed. These data does not reflect building regulations requirements, but indicates the performance characteristics of the components. Structural design has to be performed for each project. merely provides assistance in the design- and building process. Each project has to be assessed and monitored on an individual basis, including the quality of workmanship. cannot replace professional or legal support. If you need advice on a specific project, you should always consult an expert. In legal cases an expert witness needs to be involved.

Evidence of specified use is a collection of datasheets for wood and wood-based materials, building materials, components and component connections for timber construction. In order to enable the components to be used in accordance with the national public-law regulations in Germany, in addition to the certificates from accredited testing institutes or accepted research institutions, evidence of specified use are required for non-regulated structural timber components. For this purpose, the company-specific evidence of specified use is provided to the user without manufacturer information. There are also several components for which evidence of specified use do not apply. In this case, company-specific, supplementary expertise from accredited testing institutes or experts are required. However, the user do not get an evidence of specified use, but a tool to explain an object-specific, non-essential deviation from the evidence of specified use.

Since a non-essential deviation can be assessed differently by several authorities, a coordination between the client, the fire safety engineer and the building authority is necessary before construction begins.

Disclaimer for the correct determination and specification of the characteristic values

Holzforschung Austria and the Technical University of Munich do not accept any liability pertaining to the accuracy and precision of the information on this web-site released by accredited testing institutes. Holzforschung Austria, the Technical University of Munich and the accredited testing institutes involved do not accept any liability with respect to the up-to-dateness of the information provided on this web-site and possible errors which may originate during data-transmission. Also concerning the implementation of construction details in the planning and the building process no liability of any nature can be accepted.