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Planed goods

Profiled timber and mouldings which measure 9,5 to 40 mm in thickness are referred to as "planed goods". These non-structural products are manufactured by sawing or machining softwood or hardwood lumber in a sawmill followed by kiln-drying and planning. These machined profiles are intended for use in interior and exterior applications. A distinction is made between machined profiles with or without tongue and groove profiles. Durability against biological attack of the machined profiles varies depending on the natural durability of wood species utilized. In order to increase its durability the wood may be preventatively treated with a wood preservative. A surface treatment is often applied in order to protect the wood surface from weathering and mechanical damage. Such surface treatment can be varnishes or coatings which are available in different colours. The CE-certification of solid wood panelling and cladding according to EN 14915 and solid wood flooring according to EN 14342 has been compulsory since 08.08.2015.