is an online catalog of wood and wood-based materials, building materials, components and component connections for timber construction. The basis for this is a project launched in 2000 called "Component catalog". Due to the rapidly development of timber construction with a variety of new building materials and construction methods used, it had become important to create a "tool" to further strengthen confidence and safety in timber construction and to optimize the quality.

The intention was to adapt the "Catalog with building physics data of timber constructions", which originated in 1986 and was revised in 1993 by proHolz Austria. After an intensive literature research, it was determined that the literature of timer construction used in the European area was either outdated or just covered only minor parts of the required information. The quality and origin of the data found was mostly unknown and often did not contain any common values.

The main task of the project was closing this information gap. The result of the project was a reference book with a data collection, focussing two main objectives: meet the demands of users on the one hand and meet the requirements of the building code on the other hand.

The client of the former research project was the "Fachverband der Holzindustrie Österreichs (Bereich Holzbauindustrie)". A total of six testing and research institutes under the auspices of Holzforschung Austria – Austrian Forest Products Research Society (HFA-ÖGH) conducted numerous tests, calculations and evaluations. The project was marketed by proHolz Austria. as an innovative internet tool for modern timber construction

Due to the extensive data, the print version of the component catalog was no longer feasible. The solution was the publication on the internet via The trial operation with about 3.000 users per month was available from 15.09.2003. has been in full operation since 15.05.2004.

The component catalog is devided into three sections:

Building materials

Here you can find basic information about wood and wood-based materials as well as other building materials used in timber construction. The performance of the respective building material is summarized in a downloadable data sheet. Furthermore, there are references to product manufacturers that meet the necessary requirements.


In this section seven different types of components have been compiled (external wall, internal wall, compartment wall, etc.) which are further sub-divided into 42 basic design types (external wall with or without ventilation, external wall with or without dry lining, etc.). Variations of these designs can be created by modifying for example the thickness or the type of insulation material.

For each component and its variations, performance parameters regarding thermal, acoustic, fire and ecological performance levels are provided. Each component variation can be downloaded in PDF-format and might be suitable for submission to building authorities to demonstrate compliance. All these quoted performance levels have been determined either by testing, calculations or means of assessment by accredited testing institutes or accepted research institutions.

Component connections

This section shows general specification details (guidance details) that have to be adapted to the respective project and its requirements. has become a new face with

After 14 years has become a new face with in December 2017. This year we worked intensively on the content and visual relaunch of the component catalog. Improved navigation and an contemporary homepage-design will underline the accustomed quality of, which is now relocated to to emphasize the unique origin of the site. In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation ("DBU – Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt") and the "Landesinnungsverband des Bayerischen Zimmererhandwerks", a selection of new and existing components with evaluation for the German market are provided in addition to the existing evidence.

Easy to use

The online catalog is a self-explanatory end-user system. The target audience (architects, designers, building authorities, manufacturers, etc.) can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for via interactive navigation and filtering. Construction solutions can be accessed by either selecting the type of construction and/or by searching for specific building physics parameters.

Quick access any time of day

The web-based database allows users to quickly and easily access the required information – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. is continuously expanded and updated.

Reliable data quality

Accredited testing institutes and accepted research institutions insure data quality

The testing and assessment of performance levels quoted in have been carried out by accredited testing institutes and accepted research institutions – currently applicable standards have been taken into account.


This unique comprehensive database with over 15.000 performance parameters has been backed-up by suitable evidence, which has enabled its wider acceptance by building authorities throughout Austria. The respective building authorities can view the evidence in a password-protected area. Users have the opportunity to access this extensive database of approved solutions and thereby avoid expensive costs to prove compliance for their individual components. The evidence of specified use required by German building authorities is provided free of charge for the respective components (via a password-protected area) and can thus be attached to the project-specific design and verification.