Here you can find basic information about wood and wood-based materials as well as other building materials used in timber construction. The performance of the respective building material is summarized in a downloadable data sheet. Furthermore, there are references to product manufacturers that meet the necessary requirements.

The datasheets provided in PDF format are an useful resource throughout the planning and detailed construction process. The datasheets are divided into the following categories:

  • General description
  • Technical references
  • Intended uses of products and systems
  • Commonly used dimensions
  • Mechanical properties
  • Physical properties
  • Fire performance level
  • Ecological performance level
  • Others

The aim of the database is to allow the user to have a direct comparison between the different building materials and systems. The sources used for this purpose are described in more detail below.

General description

A short description of the manufacturing processes of the most common wood-based composites and other building materials has been compiled. Possible applications of the products are also listed.

Technical references

The user will find all essential regulations and provisions regarding the fitness for use of a building material.

  • Harmonised European specification: harmonised standard, European Assessment Document (EAD)
  • Technical approval
  • European standard (not harmonised)

Intended uses of products and systems

If available the suitability of building materials for certain service classes is specified in the European product standards. For building materials that have not yet been considered in European standardization, the corresponding assessments have been used.

Commonly used dimensions

Dimensions for building materials are taken from assessments or technical product information. Please note that these are provided for general guidance only. Due to the wide range of available products not all dimensions can be stated.