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Glued solid timber consists of lamellae of the same strength class or manufacturer-specific strength class which are bonded together. According to EN 14080 glued solid timber comprise up to five lamellae with thicknesses from 45 to 85 mm. The total cross-section of the beam shall not exceed 280 x 280 mm. Glued solid timber is predominantly bending stressed (upright position of the square wood). The lamellae of glued solid timber are classified into strength classes by visual (according to ÖNORM DIN 4074-1) or machine grading and categorized in C-classes (according to EN 338). Strength and stiffness properties can be taken from EN 338. In the harmonized standard EN 14080 glued solid timber is standardized for the first time. The CE-certification of this product has been compulsory since 08.08.2015.

Details of sustainability rating (m3)

Glued solid timber


According to EN 14080

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