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Fibre-cement flat sheets Faserzementtafel.png

Fibre-cement flat sheets essentially consist of cement or calcium silicate, fiber material and water. The mostly synthetic, organic reinforcement fibers made of polyvinyl alcohol or polyacrylonitrile and process fibers (cellulose) can be added in different forms (fiber bundles, ribbons, nets, etc.). The small-format to large-format panels - the usual thicknesses of which are between 3 - 30 mm - are regulated in the european standard EN 12467. Due to their very good fire protection, moisture-related and mechanical properties, these panels can be used in a wide range of applications - they are used as wall and ceiling cladding both for interiors (e.g. in dry lining) and for outside (e.g. as plaster base panels). The smooth or structured fiber-cement sheets can be colored, left in their natural color and provided with coatings on their surface.


According to EN 12467

Product Manufacturer Additional info
Siniat - Bluclad Etex Building Performance GmbH DoP (2 MB)
Siniat - Hydropanel Etex Building Performance GmbH DoP (2 MB)

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