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Gypsum plasterboards Siniat-Gipsplatte-LaPlura-Classic-gedreht.jpg

Gypsum plasterboards are flat, rectangular panels made of a gypsum core and a cladding made of strong, resistant cardboard that is firmly adhered to it. They are regulated in the European standard EN 520. With regard to their application, plasterboards are selected according to their type, shape, thickness and edge formation. The cardboard surfaces can vary depending on the intended use of the respective type of board and the core can contain additives that give the board additional properties, e.g. with regard to fire and sound insulation. Gypsum boards are given a type designation for their performance features. Plasterboard can have several performance characteristics. Gypsum boards are used for wall and ceiling systems, as cladding for stud walls and cladding, and for the manufacture of prefabricated components.


According to EN 520

Product Manufacturer Additional info
Siniat - harte Mehrzweckplatte LaPura 12,5/15mm Etex Building Performance GmbH DoP (2 MB) , Further information (358 KB)

According to EN 520 as well as ETA for loadbearing applications

Product Manufacturer Additional info
Rigips Riduro Saint-Gobain Austria GmbH DoP (132 KB)

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